Troubled Teens

Teenagers typically do not realize the impact they have on their families. Disrespect, dishonesty, and sparse communication can leave your family hanging on their last thread.

Take Control

Do you feel like your problem teen is out of control? If you have done everything you know how, but you still feel powerless to help, it’s time to get outside assistance. If you are looking for an alternative to jail or juvenile detention centers, Parent Help can help you find the right one. Request more information online, or call us today at 844-622-6705.

Our Programs

Our schools provide long-term, secure and structured environments where your teen will be protected and safe.

Boarding School

Glacier Mountain Academy

Residential Treatment Center

North Star Treatment Center

Therapeutic Program


Wilderness Therapeutic Boarding

Sorensons Ranch

Military Boarding School

Thayer Learning Center

Boot Camp/ Military Based

TLC Boot Camp

Get Financing

Your teenager is priceless. However, financing your teenager's disrespectful behavior, disregard for school, and drug addictions is expensive. If your teenager continues in the same course, can you imagine financing these problems for the next ten or even fifteen years? Your teenager's behavior could end up costing much more than money: it could take your family, your life, and your teenager's future.

My wife and I would like to thank you for your service. Your professionalism in handling our needs under a volatile and hostile situation was immensely appreciated. Thank you for being there for us.
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