North Star Treatment Center

North Star Treatment Center is a licensed Residential Treatment Center for teenage boys, ages 12-17 years old. North Star is in the beautiful serene setting of Southern Utah, near Zion’s National Park. North Star has over 30 years of experience helping struggling teen boys become productive healthy and respectful young men. North Star provides a safe environment within a rigorously structured program with consistent supervision. North Star provides therapeutic services which include individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy for youth who struggle with mental, emotional, and behavioral challenges. North Star also provides an accredited schooling program to ensure each child’s education continues to progress as they work on struggles that require attention. North Star’s program is focused on building each boy to become healthy, productive, and strong in each of the following aspects… mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally. North Star believes in order to become a good leader, each must learn to follow those who have led good, productive examples. North Star truly believes in following the example of the true North Star of this world. This North Star may be know to many by different names, but nonetheless, it is the one who is a Light and a sure Guide that directs each person’s path for good. North Star believes in helping each boy progress within a fulfilled and balanced life. You can rest assured as your child embarks on their treatment journey; he will not fall behind academically. North Star believes that the value of every young man is great, and we take great measure to help each boy overcome struggles and turn them into strengths.

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Residential Treatment Center

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