Military Schools

A military school is a structured, academically accredited, military based institution where cadets engage in military exercises and rigorous physical training. Parent Help offers an effective alternative to the typical military academy. Parent Help works with privately owned military based schools that can give your teen not only the military style structure and physical fitness, but also the behavior modification, leadership, and overall help that he or she needs to become successful in life.

Additionally, your teen can get his or her education at our schools. Most military schools have outstanding athletic and academic programs that offer high school and college courses. In addition to outstanding academic and athletic programs, a military school environment provides each young teen with a first hand opportunity to participate in learning about leadership. This experience sets our military schools apart and can make a very valuable difference to your troubled teen.

Typical Students

Typical students for these types of programs may include teens who are:

  • Age 12-18 years old
  • Possessing a lack of respect
  • Having a problem with authority
  • Engaging in mild substance abuse
  • Doing poorly or refusing to go to school
  • Experiencing a need for behavior modification
  • In fairly good physical shape

It’s time to stop making all your decisions based on the behavior of your teen. Our efficient drill sergeants are waiting to help put you, the parent, back in command. Call us now at 844-622-6705 or request more information online.

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