Take Control of the Situation

Take Control

Do you feel like your problem teen is out of control? If you have done everything you know how, but you still feel powerless to help, it’s time to get outside assistance. If you are looking for an alternative to jail or juvenile detention centers, Parent Help can help you find the right one. Request more information online, or call us today at 844-622-6705.

Why a Program?

Our schools provide long-term, secure and structured environments where your teen will be protected and safe. They will be nurtured and have the opportunity to work through their issues over an extended period of time, ensuring lasting results. We have helped hundreds of teens overcome their problems and develop the skills they need to succeed in the outside world. Our programs include alternative programs, self help programs as well as the programs that follow:

Military Schools

A military school is an academically accredited, military based institution where cadets engage in military exercises ...

Boarding Schools

Boarding schools are privately owned residential behavior modification programs for troubled teens...

Residential Treatment Centers

A residential treatment center, or RTC, is usually a state licensed program that helps teens...

Christian Schools

Christian schools are privately owned, Christian-based behavior modification programs for teenagers who are ...

Wilderness Programs

Wilderness programs offer your teen an opportunity to get back to basics by living in the wilderness. Through this experience campers ...

Working Ranches

Working Ranches offer your teen an emotional as well as physical challenge. While living on a ranch, they will work with animals ...

Why Call Parent Help

Parent Help works with many of the top alternative schools in the nation. We will look at your special situation and help you select the best school for your teen with individual attention. Our trained staff is available to talk to you any time, day or night. Calling us is also free and confidential.

If you are worried about your problem teen, trust your instincts. You don’t need to feel helpless or hopeless. Get help now before it’s too late. Take immediate action now, Choose a ProgramGet Financed and call Parent Help today at 844-622-6705.

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