Seeing the Red Flags Before Tragedy Strikes

Last week Stephen Kazmierczak entered Northern Illinois University and began a shooting rampage killing six, wounding 16, and killing himself. This devastating event came “without warning” to many of the the gunmen’s friends and family. It seems stories like these are becoming common place in our society. Names like Omaha Nebraska Mall, Virginia Tech and Columbine Massacre come rushing to our minds. But can such a horrific event really come completely without warning? Are there possibly some red flags that could help prevent these tragedies?

The Economy and Our Youth

One does not have to be an economist to realize the condition of our economy is not ideal. People all over the United States are struggling to make ends meet. This bleak setting has left many parents feeling helpless when faced with all of their financial responsibilities. While you may not be able to solve the economic recession, you can teach your children smart financial habits that will help them in the future.

Peer Pressure Kills

Peer pressure: people feel it, inflict it, and increasingly let it control their lives. According to the Department of Student Support Services peer pressure is the most powerful influence in a childs decision to join a gang.

Parents: the Oblivious Drug Suppliers

Without even realizing it, many parents are providing teenagers and their friends access to what has become the second most popular drug after marijuana: prescription drugs. It is estimated that an overwhelming one-third of all U.S. drug abuse involves prescription drugs (National Institute On Drug Addiction). Teens are getting these prescription drugs from their own homes, from friends, and through websites on the Internet.

How Do I Know When My Teen Needs Help?

If you notice that your teenager is hiding a problem, it is a sign that he or she needs help. Your child may be avoiding you, but they may be ignoring it. You should talk to your adolescent about his or her problem, and make him or her understand that you will be there to support them. If your teen is angry, he or she may hurt himself or others.

Finding Help For My Teens Drug Abuse

While many parents think they know the signs of a substance abuse problem, it can be difficult to determine which signs indicate a substance abuse problem. Parents need to learn more about the types of substances that teens commonly use, as well as the warning signs that a teen may be abusing drugs or alcohol. Additionally, parents need to learn about the increased risk of car accidents, violence, arrests, and unsafe sex. While there is no single way to determine if your child is abusing drugs, there are some steps they can take to minimize these risks.

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