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Four Trends You Should Know About

February 2006

ng a teenager in this generation is completely different than when you were a kid. It seems like the world is changing, and it is imperative as a parent that you don’t get left behind. Being aware of the ...

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FDA Calls for Strongest Warning on ADHD Drugs

March 2006

Food and Drug Administration advisory panel voted 8-7 to add a “black box” warning to stimulants used to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) because of cardiac risks. This recomme...

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May 2006

your children, has become both a noun and a verb. This unchallenged colossus of adolescent communication works like a telephone, a back fence, a class bulletin board (and, at times, a locker room), ...

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Is Your Teen's Summer Going to Pot?

June 2006

mer is here and teenagers are getting a break from the pressures of school, the stress of a structured schedule, and the inconvenience of constant supervision. Unfortunately, these three months of adolescent bl...

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disobedient teen rolling eyes at parents

Other Articles and Tips on Parenting

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Prescription Drug Abuse

June 2006

scription drug abuse has become an escalating problem among teens and young adults. Some teens perceive this type of substance abuse as being safer or more socially acceptable than other drugs, but for many it&...

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Inhalant Abuse

June 2006

alant or solvent abuse involves purposefully sniffing common household products for the purpose of getting high. Any product that can be safely used in the home becomes a dangerous substance when it’s inh...

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Is Your Teen Holding you Hostage?

August 2006

you are up all night and preoccupied all day worried about fighting with, and trying to stop your teenager from making poor choices, then you have good reason to be concerned. More than 11 million teens in Amer...

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Is Your Teen "Robotripping?"

September 2006

220;Robotripping” is the nickname for a new trend that is causing emergency rooms across the United States an increased number of visits from teens. “Robotripping” involves the abuse of Robitu...

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Self-Mutilation Scars More than Just Skin

October 2006

f-mutilation is a topic parents often disregard as a problem only faced by someone else’s children. Most parents believe this condition could never apply to themselves, or their own children. Unfortunatel...

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No Substitutes for Good Parenting

November 2006

y new laws are being passed and current technologies are being developed to create a constant monitoring system over our teens. Cell phones are now equipped with GPS systems so that parents know exactly where ...

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Recent Trends in Teen Violence

December 2006

recent years, the country has delighted in a drastic decrease in crime rates. In the 1980’s the crime rate soared to an all-time high, peaking in 1994. Luckily, by 2004 the rate of crime dropped 30 percen...

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