Back to School Tips

August 2010

Parents across the country both dread, and anticipate August- for many reasons. Not only is the crisp autumn air whispering holiday's are just around the corner, but it's also time to gear up for another year of school. Gathering all the school supplies, meeting new teachers, and rearranging schedules can be hectic. Parent Help wants to make life a little easier with a couple tips and websites that will make your life just a little easier:

Back to the grind. Summer days of unscheduled bliss are over and kids need their meals at a certain time so they can get to basketball, chess, and a million other school and after school programs. Check out, This website is full of user reviewed and tested recipes that you can whip up in a snap. No more guessing game at dinner time.

School Lunch. Not only do you feel like a better mom when you send your kids out the door with a brown bag full of nutritious homemade food, you know they will be less tempted to hit up that vending machine. Taking a brown bag is never quiet as cool, or as earth friendly, as using a lunch pale. Check out for a great selection on the classic lunch box and the new hip one as well.

Getting your teen to wake up in the morning. If you can, start by enforcing bedtime and waking up in time for school in the mornings about three weeks before school actually starts. It takes around three weeks for the body to adjust to a new sleep schedule, and preparing for early mornings helps students be more alert when school does start. If it's too late, just know that three weeks in, your teen will be adjusted to the new schedule. So, no excuses.

Plan together. The first week of school usually consists of a big overview of the whole year. Most teachers hand out a syllabus and other important paperwork that will help students stay on track. Make sure your teen gives you the information, and make sure you pencil it all into your planner. There is nothing worse than a surprise book report that is suddenly your problem at 10:00 the night before it is due. Plan together and avoid all unnecessary stress later.

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