Alcoholism Might Be Prevented Through Behavioral Correction

March 2009

Does your child have behavioral problems? Does your child have a problem with alcohol? According to recent studies, these questions may be interdependent.

"Among teens who said they had attention problems at school, roughly 43 percent had been drunk more than 10 times -- versus 25 percent of those with little difficulty concentrating in class."

The article recently posted on Reuters Health is entitled Teens' drinking linked to mental health problems. As its title suggests this study delves into the behavioral consequences of teenagers consuming alcohol stating that "35 percent of teenagers who acknowledged conduct problems -- getting into fights or clashing with teachers -- also admitted to getting drunk frequently. That compared with roughly 27 percent of teens with few conduct problems."

While this study does not define whether alcoholism leads to behavioral problems or the other way around, it does prove that they go hand in hand. This study gives parents and care takers an advantage in preventing and correcting both of these issues in their teenagers. While both are unfortunate occurrences in our teenage generation there is hope in education. If parents will take the necessary precautions to correct behavioral problems it may prevent alcoholism. For more information on how to correct your teen's behavior call Parent Help today 844-622-6705.


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