Peer Pressure Kills

By , November 2007

Peer pressure: people feel it, inflict it, and increasingly let it control their lives. According to the Department of Student Support Services peer pressure is the most powerful influence in a childs decision to join a gang. If you inspect your past you will more than likely find that peer pressure has affected more than a few of the decisions you have made in your life. For teenagers in today’s society, peer pressure is a factor that affects what they wear, what they eat, who their friends are, what media they watch, and more likely than not whether or not they will participate in illegal activities, try drugs and/or drink alcohol.

Often good teenagers that fall in with the wrong crowd have the most to lose. These are the teenagers that may come from a loving and concerned family, but have been backed into a corner by their friends and forced to do something they normally would not have done. Their actions start small, but from the first time they give in they become weaker and slowly sink into the quicksand that is peer pressure. The longer they are exposed to negative peer pressure the greater hold it grasps on them. Some of the affects of negative peer pressure include drug addiction, lost reputation, low self-esteem, decreased grades, criminal offense, and many more drastic consequences.

We have entered into a new generation with new technology and new opportunities. However, we have also entered into a generation full of new dangers for our youth. For instance, in 2006 20.4 million Americans aged 12 or older were considered current illicit drug users. More shocking perhaps is the fact that 50.9% of Americans 12 or older were considered current consumers of alchohol with 23% of those people considering themselves to be binge drinkers (a person that consumes 5 or more drinks in one setting). Lets face it, peer pressure is no longer just about the coolest clothes and the latest style in hair. Teenagers are battling for there lives every day through the decisions they make based on peer pressure.

If you think your teen has fallen into the trap of negative peer pressure, get help now. The longer they are exposed to poor behaviors the more deadly they could become. If you want to get your teen some help, call Parent Help now at 1-844-247-6468.

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