Energy Drink or Alcohol?

By , October 2007

Parent Help is sounding the alarm on a new health concern. They’re delicious, they’re thirst quenching, they’re colorful, they’re super-trendy…they’re alcoholic. Your teens probably participate in the new trend of energy drinks…but is that all their getting? Many new “energy” drinks are actually alcoholic. Mixing Stimulants and Depressants is a growing trend in the Energy Drink industry. Energy drinks mixed with alcohol can cause dehydration, risk of seizures, and increased alcohol intake.

The biggest concern about these new drinks is that anyone can buy them. They are not in the same aisle as the alcohol…they’re right along side the energy drinks and soda. They are packaged the same, with bright colors and big text…it’s the fine print you may miss; and so do clerks. An underage teen recently said, “They’re awesome, I’ve bought a ton of them and I’ve never been ID’d before…clerks think it’s just a normal Rockstar!”

In addition to labeling and stocking problems, the Division of Substance Abuse (DSA) is also concerned about marketing strategies. These products are being marketed to teens with suggestive names like “Pimp Juice,” “Cocaine,” “Rockstar 21.” Be aware of anything that spells sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

“Alcohol is already the number one drug used by teens,” says the DSA. “They are also being targeted by energy drink manufacturers. Products are specifically being marketed to sell using sex, references to illicit drugs, questionable health benefits, and risky behaviors. That is one way the alcohol energy drinks are gaining market share, is by catering to those individuals that have to try the newest thing.”

Parent Help offers not only rehabilitation programs, but focuses on behavior modification. Underage drinking can kill. If your trendy teen is experimenting with alcohol under the radar, we can help. We can get your teen the help they need and aid them in changing their lifestyles and learning to make better, healthier choices. Take control today, call 1-844-247-6468 now before it’s too late.

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