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Eating Disorders

December 2005

Eating disorders are very serious. Left untreated, they can be fatal. In a society that is obsessed with thinness and dieting, children are pressured at a young age to be conscious of their weight.

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Where did They Learn That?

November 2005

Society influences teenagers more now than in any other generation. Teenagers have a constant stream of voices coming from TV shows, video games, text messages, and radio stations. With the world at their fingertips, teenagers are constantly bombarded with images, audio clips, and text on the Internet telling them what to think, how to feel, and where to go. The media is indoctrinating our children.

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New Survey on Teen Sex

October 2005

Americans have a surplus of opinions about teenage sexuality. What they don’t have is cold hard facts. Every attempt to gather such information, such as Alfred Kinsey’s famous sex surveys in the 40’s ad 50’s, and University of Chicago’s in 1994, has been methodologically flawed and doesn’t fully cover the issue of teen sex.

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The Dangers of School

September 2005

It’s that time of the year again. All the kids are getting ready for school. You are stressed over school supplies, registration, and car-pooling the whole neighborhood… but have you considered the dangers school can present for your teens? Here are some 2001 survey statistics, taken from grades 9-12, that you should know about.

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Brain Disease

August 2005

What would you do if you found out your teen had a potentially fatal brain disease? This disease, if not treated, would eventually consume your child for good…

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July 2005

One of the most dangerous substances abused by children and teens can be easily accessed underneath your kitchen sink or on a shelf in your pantry…

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May 2005

Alcohol is the number one abused drug among teenagers today. Approximately 7% of the nation’s eighth graders; 18% of tenth graders; and 30% of twelfth graders report they have been drunk during the last month. It starts early. It has been reported that alcohol use starts as early as the age of 13. That is children in the sixth grade…

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April 2005

Steroid use among teenagers is rising at an alarming rate, hitting an all time high in 2002, according to the NIDA. Harvard Medical School did a study that same year and found a shocking 500,000 teenage boys used steroids. The danger is not limited to males. Today, steroid use is growing most quickly among teenage girls.

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Just Say NO: to Your Kids

March 2005

Today’s generation of parents has always been driven to give their kids every advantage, from Mommy and Me swimming lessons to the highest quality of school supplies. Despite their good intentions, too many find themselves raising, “wanting machines” who follow the marketing arrows that are aimed right at them.

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Parents: the Oblivious Drug Suppliers

February 2005

Without even realizing it, you are providing your teenagers and their friends access to what has become the second most popular drug after marijuana: prescription drugs. It is estimated that an overwhelming one-third of all U.S. drug abuse involves prescription drugs…

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Addiction: The Monster That is Claiming Our Future

January 2005

The plague of addiction is growing ever larger in its scope. This plague has infected the most vulnerable and valuable asset in our world today: our youth. The most shocking realization is the extent of drug use, especially by children and teenagers…

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