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Teen Life Skills Center

Teen Life Skills Center
Teen Life Skills Center (TLC)

Teen Life Skills Center is a boarding school located in Kidder, Missouri. They accept defiant, disrespectful, and rebellious teens ages 12 to 17 years old. This non-denominational Christian based program provides a stable and encouraging atmosphere for troubled teens to develop the motivation and habits they need to overcome their problems.

Program Description

Teen Life Skills Center teaches troubled teens the value of hard work and traditional Christian values. This is accomplished by a disciplined schedule and strict accountability for each student’s actions. Teen Life Skills Center is a multi-phase program where students are expected to earn respect by making positive choices and communicating openly with their parents and the staff. Students are given the opportunity to participate in group discussions, community service, and an intense physical regimen that allows them to grow both physically as well as emotionally. The typical stay is about one year. If you are looking for a more short term alternative, Teen Life Skills Center now offers a summer program. Visit TLC Summer Camp.

Communication between parent and teen is essential in this program. Teen Life Skills Center promotes parental rights and puts parents back in charge of their home. Teen Life Skills Center offers seminars for both the parent and the child to help families come together to repair their broken homes. If you think Teen Life Skills Center could help your teen, call now at 844-622-6705 or request more information about how to enroll.


Teen Life Skills Center students are taken through a fundamental academic review during the first phase of the program to help our teachers assess each students individual academic needs, as well as teach students basic skills they may be lacking. Later, TLC students are put into an independent study program to help achieve their academic goals.

TLC facilitates schooling through Penn Foster Career School which is the largest accredited school of independent home study. Because they work with this school, students are not only able to achieve a high school diploma, but should they wish to continue on Penn Foster is an accredited college as well. Students are encouraged to look forward at college and other higher education options and are given the tools necessary to reach that goal. Teen Life Skills Center gives students the opportunity to move at their own pace and learning ability with the individual attention they need from professional teachers and tutors. Students will also learn other valuable life skills such as: Quickbooks Pro, become CPR/First Aid Certified, and earn their food handlers permit.


Tuition is $4,500 per month with a $2,500 startup fee. For financing info, call Parent Help at 844-622-6705 or continue on to Step 3, Get Financing.


[Our son] has been home a month now and still works out, does the dishes and is interacting with others on his own. He’s gracious and kind to his little brothers and helps his Mother at the drop of a hat. As his step dad, I too receive thank you’s and kind words and actions from our son. TLC was a miracle in our boy’s life.