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Sorenson's Ranch

Sorenson's Ranch

Located on a working ranch in Southern Utah, the school is situated in an open wilderness area broken up by rustic streams and ponds. Sorenson's Ranch is a co-educational boarding and residential school for the treatment of troubled teens 13 – 17 with average and above average ability. They serve students with histories of problems with parents, substance abuse, low or nonexistent self-esteem, learning difficulties, running away, dropping out or being expelled from school, and extreme mental stress.

Program Description

Sorenson's Ranch provides a comprehensive program of school, therapy, community service, ranch work, and activities. They aim to help students heal develop self worth through academic, social, and extracurricular success. Sorenson's Ranch is a place for our students to get "back-to-nature" away from big-city influences. They believe that learning takes place not only in a formal classroom, but also in all activities our students participate in.


Sorenson's academic program is year-round. The competency-based curriculum provides all the courses necessary for the student to earn a Utah high school diploma. Classes are based on a mastery of skills rather than on "seat time" with no quarters or semester system.


Tuition is $5,500 per month with a one-time startup up fee of $2,500. For financing info, call Parent Help at 844-622-6705 or continue on to Step 3, Get Financing.