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High Top Ranch

High Top Ranch

High Top Ranch School is located in the beautiful, mountainous Koosharem country of south-central Utah. This ranch is a cattle and horse operation and is an educational boarding and residential school. High Top Ranch is a licensed residential treatment facility that includes drug and alcohol treatment.

Program Description

High Top Ranch works with boys age 10 to 14 with histories of problems with parents, substance abuse, low or nonexistent self-esteem, learning difficulties, running away, school truancy, and extreme mental stress. Enrollment for High Top Ranch is limited to around 20 students. Their small enrollment allows them to be rich in experiences while individualizing their services. They deeply believe all young people can learn and do anything they desire. The comprehensive program of school, therapy, community service, ranch work, and recreation is aimed at helping students find themselves, catch up academically, and experience success.


Their competency-based curriculum provides all the courses necessary for the student to earn a Utah high school diploma. Classes are based on mastering skills rather than on “seat time”; the school features no quarters or semester systems.


Tuition at High Top Ranch is $4,000 per month, with a one time startup up fee of $2,000. For financing info, call Parent Help at 844-622-6705 or continue on to Step 3, Get Financing.