Choose a Program Especially for Your Teen

Glacier Mountain Academy

Glacier Mountain, located in Sandpoint, Idaho, is a year round open enrollment program for at risk teenagers. Glacier Mountain’s goal is to integrate the student back into his family unit and help him stay on track academically when he returns home.

Program Description

Glacier Mountain is designed specifically for at-risk boys ages 13 – 17. Most of the students have had unpleasant academic experiences resulting from or accompanied by low self-esteem, lack of motivation, anger, disrespect for authority figures, and some experimentation with drugs and alcohol.

Students enter a certified academic program and substance abuse counseling, if necessary. Additional programs are available to help students develop various life skills such as anger management, leadership, teamwork, and decision-making skills. Individual and group counseling are part of the experience.


This school offers unique academic options for students who have fallen behind in credits, want to get a GED or diploma, and want to complete high school and go on to a college or university. The fully accredited school offers many ways to make up lost credits. All grades will transfer to the student’s next school, or students can stay and graduate from Glacier Mountain Academy. Those who want to pursue a GED may do that instead.


Tuition is $4,100 per month, due in quarterly installments, with a $2,500 start-up fee the first month. For financing info, call Parent Help at 844-622-6705 or continue on to Step 3, Get Financing.