Choose a Program Especially for Your Teen

Corps of Discovery

Corps of Discovery operates year-round individual expeditions for adults 18 and older. Accompanied by one guide, participants hike and/or kayak through beautiful wilderness areas in Peru, Mexico or Turkey. They learn to live comfortably in the wilderness with only a bedroll, a knife, water, and a basic food pack. Activities are designed to provide for individual needs and abilities while maintaining a safe environment.

Program Description

The one-on-one program design allows the guide to personalize the challenge level and curriculum to fit the abilities and needs of the participant. The guide’s role is to keep the participant safe, teach wilderness living skills, and offer counsel and support. A relationship of trust and respect develops as together they eat the same food, travel the same miles, and experience many of the same feelings. To ensure safety, daily communication with the home office and backup support staff is facilitated by portable satellite communications systems.

This wilderness adventure has healing qualities that become evident in the lives of participants as they experience freedom from the captivity of habits left behind, clarity of thought and a healthier body, increased love and gratitude for family, feelings of self-worth and increased confidence in overcoming life’s challenges by developing the talents of resourcefulness and endurance.


Corp of Discovery tuition is $375 per day. The average program length is 40 days, totalling $15,000. For financing info, call Parent Help at 1-844-622-6705 or continue on to Step 3, Get Financing.