Choose a Program Especially for Your Teen

Addiction Free by Monday

Addiction Free by Monday is a highly progressive and effective addiction recovery treatment program that can help you or your family member recover from the devastating physical effects of drug abuse such as:

  • cravings,
  • withdrawals
  • and anxiety

If you or someone you know is suffering from the addictive effects of:

  • meth-amphetamine,
  • alcohol,
  • cocaine,
  • or other addictive substances

the road to recovery can be a long and painful one. Even though the individual wants to change, the physical sysmptoms can be overwhelming and in some cases make full recovery nearly impossible. Addiction Free by Monday is an all natural treatment that will help you or your family member find relief from the constant cravings and anxiety of addiction allowing behavioral change to take place. This revolutionary, physician administrated, treatment addresses the physical level of addiction unlike any other type of rehabilitation program out there today. If you are interested in finding out more about programs like this please call us now at 844-622-6705.