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Clark Behavioral Health Financing

Simply stated, Clark Behavioral Health Financing (CBHF) is the only "one-stop shop" financial solutions company in the therapeutic and treatment service industry. CBHF is a subsidiary of Clark Custom Educational Loans Inc., a leader in therapeutic and special needs financing since 2003. Once again, we have paved the way, offering for the first time flexible financing for behavioral health treatment. Our goal is to find the means to allow the consumer to afford quality healthcare.

What is available through Clark Financing? Personal loans that do not require collateral (home or other assets) to secure the loan. A list of details and benefits can be found at .

Is it hard to qualify? No. Borrowers need to have decent credit scores, verifiable income and room in their budget for a loan payment. A score of 645 and above will be considered with credit histories that demonstrate responsible borrowing. Clark Financing provides a free credit report and consultation.

How much can be borrowed? $1000-$50,000+ depending on eligibility. Loan packages are available to increase the total amount borrowed. Clark Financing loan specialists personally consult families before loan applications are submitted to insure affordability and approval.

How can I learn more? Please visit: or download a copy of their brochure by clicking here

How can I apply? Go to:

This is the best investment you will ever make. If you have any questions about financing your child's stay at a behavior modification program call 844-622-6705 or contact us online.